World Class Custom Knives Handmade in the High Desert of Southern Colorado

but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

Professional Grade Cutlery Since 1998

Over ten thousand custom knives sold worldwide. Design colloborations with Benchmade, H&K Firearms, NRA, KA-BAR and Brous Blades. Mike Snody is dedicated to the Art of Knifemaking.  

Specializing in High Performance

Dedication to producing heirloom grade knives with an emphasis on performance and long term value. Utilizing the finest grades of cutlery steel on the planet with a steadfast focus on edge geometry, heat treat and durability. Mike Snody Custom Knives have a well documented track record of performance in the field and a twenty year history of appreciation and high resale value. 

American Family Business

When you purchase a Mike Snody Custom Knife you are quite literally putting food directly on the table of a Sixth Generation American who has worked tirelessly for the past twenty years to build a reputation for producing extremely well built high quality custom knives. If you would like information on getting your own custom knife please call 719 717 2103.